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Now serving the Flint Hills

We provide an eco-friendly way to keep your family and community healthier by sanitizing, deodorizing, and disinfecting your trash containers. We have a specially-designed truck that has the power of 200 F heat to sanitize, disinfect, and clean your trash containers along with our 360-degree spinning water heads and the power of 3200psi pressure to scrub and clean all the mess away. Our truck also has a 525-gallon collection tank to contain all the smelly mess and keep your containers classy all year long.


Sanitize. Deodorize. Disinfect!

Pricing/Service Plans

Currently serving Manhattan, KS on any schedule. Offering services in Junction City, St. George and Wamego, but only monthly plans for now. Please tell your neighbors!


$20.00* per visit

  • *Minimum 3-month service


$35.00* per visit

  • *Minimum of 3 visits


$45.00* per visit

  • *Minimum of 3 visits

One Time

$70.00 per visit

  • placeholder

All plans include up to 2 cans. Each additional can is $5.00. For commercial inquiries, please contact us!

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